Eat to Live versus Living to Eat

June 16, 2011

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What food do we eat to live compared to what we eat when living to eat?  Why do we eat what we eat?  Do we only eat for enjoyment?  Do we eat to be energized?  Do we eat to be healthy?  Is eating strictly a time of being social?  Do we eat to be comforted?  Are we eating because we are bored?  These are all questions to consider when making our food choices.

Let me begin today by telling you about some recent encounters with rattlesnakes.  My husband and I both grew up in the high prairies of northeastern New Mexico and are very familiar with always being aware of watching for snakes.  Some snakes are non-poisonous and some snakes, like rattlesnakes are poisonous.  From a very young age, I was always taught to kill the poisonous snakes but allow the non-poisonous snakes to live.  At that time, many years ago, a poisonous snake bite was a death sentence.

Modern medicine has made a difference in deaths from rattlesnake bites however; a bad snake bite can still be very severe or can still cause death. 

I learned something recently when my husband, Larry, was outside mowing and weed eating in tall grass and weeds at our California house.  Later Larry realized he had a sore on the back of his leg, so he put some ointment on it and didn’t think anything about it just thinking a twig had popped up and caught him on the leg.  He noticed he didn’t feel well for a day or two but just chalked it up to working extra hard.  After several days, the sore on his leg was still bothering him so he twisted his leg around so he could see the back of his shin.  There were 2 sets of prong marks spaced evenly apart.  Looked like a snake bite.  At this point the bite was still sore but he was feeling fine.  After checking on the internet for information on snake bites, we found that rattlesnakes do not always release all their venom especially if they are just giving a warning.  In that case, the bite may not have a terribly bad affect.  That is probably what happened in this case.  In thinking back, Larry thinks he remembers feeling something hit his leg but didn’t stop to check it out at the time.  We are very thankful to God for watching over Larry with that rattlesnake bite.

Meanwhile I am in New Mexico before Larry got back from California.  Our 2 large Anatolian Shepherd dogs are outdoor dogs but we do put them in the garage during the night.  I went out about 9 pm to give them their bed time doggie bones and close them in the garage.  As I stepped off the bottom of the 12 steps from our deck, I heard a very familiar sound – a rattlesnake giving me a warning.  It was coming from under the open redwood steps.  The dogs immediately heard it and wanted to check it out.  Actually, Larry was on the wireless phone with me as all this is happening.  I was calling the dogs back because I did not want them to get bitten but was hesitant to put them in the garage because I did not want to have to go back to the house and face the snake by myself.  Larry convinced me to put the dogs in the garage, find the flashlight from the truck that was parked in the garage, and grab a shovel so I would have a weapon.

My knees are shaking as I approach the steps where the snake is still rattling.  The flashlight helped me locate the coiled snake directly under the 4th step from the bottom.  From that point, it is a long story but 2 hours later, I had killed the snake and was safe and sound inside the house and knew I would not have to confront the rattlesnake the next morning.  At least I knew where he was – dead.

You may be wondering what a rattlesnake has to do with eating to live and living to eat. 

Rattlesnakes mainly eat rodents.  Rodents are pests in this country girl’s mind so if I can keep the rodent population controlled around my country home, we will be less likely to have rattlesnakes because in order for the rattlesnakes to live they must eat.  They must eat to live.

Snakes eat what they need to survive.  They eat no more than they can consume and need.  Rattlesnakes give a warning when they feel danger close.  They will strike and release their poisonous venom if the danger does not heed the warning.

Lessons we can learn from rattlesnakes about making food choices:

·        Do we consider the foods we eat to be beneficial to our health or are we simply eating our favorite tasting food?  It is fine to choose great tasting food and food we enjoy if it is filled with nutrients we need to live a healthy life.

·        Do we plan ahead enough to be prepared with healthy food choices?  Or does that quick and easy meal or snack give us a warning that we ignore.  Are those deep fried French fries saying to us, “I’m not loaded with bad fats and calories, it won’t harm me just this once?”  Will we later regret having made this choice?

·        Do we turn down that 2nd helping of mashed potatoes and gravy or that 2nd dinner roll filled with butter?  How do we feel when we over eat and are miserable, bloated, and fighting indigestion?


Our creator created us with a free will and the ability to reason and think about what we do.  The rattlesnake was created with certain instincts.  Instincts to hunt and locate proper food keep the snake healthy.  Instincts to give warnings give the snake comfort.  Instincts to strike out when the warning is not heeded give an opportunity for escape to safety.

As humans who are capable of making healthy food choices, we need to use our knowledge to eat to live.  We need to use common sense about how much to eat so as to not put extra burden on our digestive system.  Listen to your body and educate yourself about how to eat to give your body the nutrients it needs to be energized, to build and repair tissue, and protect your body against outside invaders that are acting as toxins or poison and causing damage or illness.

Yes, think about it – eat to live.


Watch for those rattlesnakes and eat healthy!


Pat Moon

P.S:  Right prior to one of our grandson's 3rd birthday in New Mexico, they had encountered 2 huge rattlesnakes so he wanted a rattlesnake birthday cake.  The picture above shows the final touches being put on the cake by our daughter-in-law.


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