How to Feel Good, Have More Energy, & Lose Weight in a Healthy Way


Just how do you feel good, have more energy, lose weight, and slow the aging process in a healthy way and in doing so stay younger longer?

Are you someone that is at the point in your life that you are more aware of the possibility of health problems or maybe you are even starting to have concern about some health issues?

You may be healthier than most people but yet you know there is room for improvement.

You know better than to expect to find “some snake oil” that is going to cure all your problems. You know it’s illogical to look for a magical pill that lets you eat whatever you want and you won’t have to worry about exercising at all.

In other words, you’re not gullible and you do not believe a good part of the stuff peddled on the internet is going to be a “cure all.”

Here’s what we’ve got for you:

  • A systematic, simple way to implement healthy habits that improve and maintain your health.
  • A clear guide and approach to the “Best Real Health” way of establishing habits you can easily maintain for a life time.
  • An organized plan of blending healthy life time habits, food choices, and supplements that all work together.

Our 10-day challenge to better health is a free online email course that will start you on your way to Your Best Real Health.

Start your challenge today with the things Pat Moon has learned about feeling good, having more energy, losing weight, and slowing the aging process in a healthy way.

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Pat has been helping people have better health for over 28 years.  During that time she has noticed four themes that keep coming up.

So she created a series of steps that work through these four themes, systematically introducing you to the most important concepts she believes every person concerned about their health must know. It is a 10-part email course in creating healthy lifestyle habits that prepare you for continuing to stay informed about how to reach for the best real health possible for your entire life time.

In this information age you are constantly being bombarded with ways of what you need to do, need to eat, or need to take in order to be healthy. How do you sort through all that information?

hiking-panorama-trail-yosemiteThese four themes of good health are based on what Pat has learned over the years which includes good common sense and logic.

1. Feel good

Feeling good is critical to everything you do.

  • Are you able to get going in the morning without your cup of mojo?
  • Are you tired of feeling tired?
  • Do you run out of steam before the day is over and need that chocolate bar & soda lift in the middle of the afternoon?

Feeling good is usually the first thing to go when your health is starting to break down.

2. Energy

  • What does your body really need to stay energized?
  • Why are we seeing all those supposedly healthy energy drinks or energy bars on the market?
  • Why are soft drinks that are loaded with caffeine and/or sugar so popular?

Good solid basic nutrition is the fuel your body needs to have adequate energy.

We will show you what the difference is between real fuel food and fake fuel food

3. Maintain healthy weight

Obesity rates are higher than ever before.

  • Information about losing weight on the internet and infomercials has exploded right along with the rising obesity problem.
  • Beware of taking the bait, watching a 20 minute video, or buying a book that sounds too good to be true. One claim might be that your fat will just fall off and you can eat anything you want or you can continue to eat whatever you’re eating and you don’t have to exercise.
  • Special diets are out there — low fat, no or low carb, high protein, sugar free, fat free, etc. etc.
  • Common sense tells you they will not work – even if the weight did come off – I guarantee it would not be the healthiest way to lose fat.

Our challenge teaches a strategic and focused way to reach and maintain a healthy weight for your entire life time … no more yo-yoing or fad dieting!

Maintaining a healthy weight is a factor in reducing the risk of many age related diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer just to name a few.

4. Slow the aging process

Everyone is selling something to slow the aging process. It may be a product or the use of a certain spice for a specific disease or an antioxidant from the bark of some tree that is the key, but is it really?

Think about it … who doesn’t want to stay young longer? How many years did you joke about being 29 … then you joked about being 39 for another how many years? Where’s the Botox so you can look the part?

  • Heart disease is the number one killer.
  • One in 3 people will have cancer.
  • Diabetes is at epidemic levels.
  • Pain relieving drugs are top sellers.
  • Tums or other anti-acids are eaten like candy.

Slowing the aging process is not rocket science but more like common sense nutrition and lifestyle habits.


Bringing it all together.

Each of these four topics enhances the others. Together, they’re much stronger than they would be if any one of them were missing — this is called synergy!

  • Our 10 Day Challenge To Better Health is 10 days of easy simple synergistic tips. These tips will be delivered to your email inbox over a period of the next 10 days.
  • You will receive practical, helpful suggestions that are easy to implement into your own lifestyle patterns of building and maintaining the best real health possible.
  • As you go through the 10 Day Challenge you will realize you already know most of these things but are you doing them?
  • We are here to help, but of course it will be up to you and your commitment to make it happen.

We promise by the end of the 10 days you will be noticing some positive improvements to your health … just think what it will be like a year from now!

Take ACTION for your future today … accept this challenge!

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