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Break Free:

If you are caught in the insulin trap, GR2 Control will set you free!  With GNLD’s unique diet program, you can teach your body to eat in such a way that your energy requirements are met without falling prey to the glycemic roller coaster effect and insulin trap.

Take Control:

The GNLD Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and the Global Science Network (GSN) developed a state-of-the-art weight loss program based on breakthrough findings regarding the way the body uses and stores energy.  Understanding that the glycemic response of the human body is critically important in a balanced weight loss program that helps the body process food and nutrients the most effective way.

“GR2 Control” stands for Glycemic Response Control.  The “2” exponent represents the exponential benefits for long-term health by following a low glycemic response diet: everything from lower risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, to lower blood pressure, less chance of stroke, and more!  It may even add years to your life!

Using a multi-phase strategy, GR2 Control helps to instill proper eating habits using the right kind of low-glycemic-response foods, all supported by all the unique weight loss program products.

The program will help “teach” your body to take in the kinds of nutrients it needs in optimum ratios, then utilize them efficiently.

With GR2 Control, you gain control of your eating habits and achieve your weight loss goals quickly, comfortably and safely.

This system focuses on the body’s own natural weight loss mechanisms.  By helping the body to avoid the insulin trap, the fat-burning doors stay open and the fat storage doors stay closed.  Additionally, while training to eat foods that maximize nutrient utilization and energy output, the body becomes a fat-burning machine in preparation for a lifetime of proper weight and good health!

Scientifically-Proven GR2 Control:

·         Re-balance nutrient intake – by consuming a healthier ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates, you can rebalance macronutrient intake to help control the glycemic response.  GNLD’s GR2 Control Meal Replacement Protein Shake helps rebalance macronutrient intake with its specially formulated 2-to-1 ratio of protein to carbohydrates.  Additionally, this delicious and nutritious shake delivers the nutrients your body needs to function at its optimum level, while helping to protect lean body mass.

·         Re-program the biochemical signal network – hunger and the feeling of fullness or over-fullness are controlled by a complex network of neural, physical and psychological factors.  Activating the “satiety (fullness) signals” which tell the brain the body is satisfied, can help lessen food intake.  Receptors in the digestive tract “learn” to feel full.  To stimulate the central nervous system naturally, GR2 Control Appetite Reducer creates a sense of fullness which triggers satiety signals to the brain, achieving the feeling of fullness on less food.  In this fashion, Appetite Reducer works to re-program the biochemical signal control network by re-setting satiety signals.  Additionally, the fiber it contains plays an important role in carbohydrate metabolism by delaying gastric emptying and slowing the release of carbohydrates into the bloodstream, thus helping to minimize insulin response.

·         Re-energize your body – components in certain plants can support the body’s natural energy production process.  Plus, specific combinations of herbs also enhance energy levels and increase the body’s metabolic rate.  GR2 Control Thermogenic Enhancer contains a specific combination of herbs known to enhance energy levels and increase the body’s metabolic rate, which burns more fat, without the use of potentially harmful central nervous system stimulants.

We have the science to prove it!

Human Clinical Trials – GR2 Control has been tested in a leading research facility to prove that it does help the body to control its glycemic response.


Subjects were given a serving of GNLD’s Meal Replacement Protein Shake and blood samples were taken afterward to determine the glycemic response the body produced to process the drink.  A mass market competitor’s weight loss drink and a typical American breakfast were also  tested in the same manner.  When the results were compared, GR2 Control’s response was consistently more stable and lower than all of the other products that were tested.

Real World Human Trial – the GR2 Control Weight Loss Program was used during an 8-week weight loss trial with over 50 volunteers.  Results of the trial were amazing:  the group lost a total of 604 lbs. in only 8 weeks.  Volunteers reported feeling more energetic and not hungry while on the program.  Even more importantly, they reported that the program was easy to live with on a day-to-day basis and provided a pleasant variety of meal recommendations.

GNLD GR2 Control

Published Scientific Results – results of the human clinical trial were presented by SAB member, Dr. Arianna Carughi, at a national scientific symposium and was published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Science Network, GR2 Control is truly on the cutting edge of weight loss science.


Put the power of Glycemic Response Control to work for weight loss!

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Pat Moon

I am a grandmother who started as an Independent GNLD Distributor in 1985 because of family health concerns. After experiencing positive results for several family members, I chose to share the products with other people. My confidence in the GNLD products has continued to grow because the products work. My goal is to help others have the BEST REAL HEALTH possible.


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