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Mama has taken an ample supplement program for approximately 16+ years, since she was in her mid 70’s. Over the years she has gradually added to her program. This program has kept her off all prescription drugs until this past year when she found out she had stage 4 lung cancer. Even with the cancer and 91 years young she is still only on 3 prescriptions routinely.
Here is a list of what she is now taking:

·        Tre’ – Mama added this when she was diagnosed with cancer as it is a super-antioxidant. Tre’ contains two very powerful, scientifically validated antioxidants: resveratrol and alphalipoic. She drinks 1 oz. of this deliciously healthy drink each morning and another 1 oz. each evening. 


·        Betagard – This is another supplement Mama added when she was diagnosed with cancer as it was developed especially to help the body release toxins, particularly cancer causing toxins. She takes 2 capsules each morning and 1 each evening.

·        Salmon Oil Plus – Mama has taken Salmon Oil Plus for years because of all the many benefits of taking a quality omega-III supplement. She takes 1 capsule every morning and 1 capsule every evening.

·        Vitamin E Plus – This supplement has been in Mama’s program for years. It is one she increased from 1 per day to 2 per day because it is so beneficial in transporting oxygen to all parts of the body. It is a great benefit to anyone but especially those with lung disabilities.

·        Lecithin – Mama has taken lecithin as part of her basic supplement program for many years. As we age, lecithin helps keep the brain and cardiovascular system healthy. GNLD’s lecithin has a high concentration of phosphatidyl choline which is a neurotransmitter within the brain thus the nickname “brain food”. She increased her intake from 1 per day to 2 per day with the lung cancer in order to provide more protection for her brain.

·        Multi-minerals – This supplement has been in Mama’s program… she takes 2 tablets per day. Minerals are critical for just about every bodily function.

·        Super C – This is another supplement Mama has taken for years. She takes 1 tablet each day. Vitamin C performs many important functions in the body as well as being a great antioxidant.

·        Super B – Mama has taken 1 tablet daily for many years. The B-vitamins help convert food into energy while assisting the body with many essential functions such as promoting healthy blood, skin, and eyes.

·        Lipotropic Adjunct – this supplement is helpful in keeping homocysteine levels in check to support cardiovascular health, including arterial walls and blood lipids. It helps reduce the buildup of unwanted fat in the liver while keeping fats emulsified. Mama takes 2 of these wonderful tablets each day.

·        Liver + C – Liver is very nutritious while supplying energy … the added vitamin C protects against oxidation. Mama has taken 2 of these tablets daily for a long time.

·         Mind Enhancement Complex – Mama takes 2 of these herbal tablets for clear thinking and memory. These tablets meet the brain’s need for blood circulation and protect the brain from free radical damage associated with mental decline and aging.

·         Garlic Allium Complex – These tablets support cardiovascular health by helping maintain healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, normal levels of triglycerides, and reducing blood platelet aggregation. Garlic also is beneficial in maintaining a healthy digestive tract thus supporting a healthy immune system. Mama takes 2 Garlic Allium tablets daily.

·        Neo-Cal – Calcium is one supplement the doctor suggested Mama take in high amounts because of the presence of bone cancer. (I had actually suggested she increase her calcium intake before the doctor did.) Calcium is necessary for strong bones and teeth, and is critical to cardiovascular health as well as nerve and muscle function. Magnesium works with calcium to promote cardiovascular health. Mama increased her intake to 4 of these chewable tablets daily.

·         Chelated Cal-Mag with 1000 IU’s Vitamin D3 – ditto from above calcium explanation for Neo-Cal. Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption, proper bone mineralization, important for cardiovascular health, is found to be beneficial in helping prevent certain cancers, and many other health functions. When diagnosed with lung and bone cancer, Mama increased her intake from 3 tablets daily to 9 per day.

·         Daily Vitality Pack – Stress 30 with Formula IV+ – A daily pack of vitamins and minerals especially formulated to reinforce nutrients depleted by every day stress. It also includes Formula IVPlus with Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates which provide very key lipids and sterols for healthy cells. Mama has taken one of these packs daily for many years.

·         PhytoDefense – Each pack of PhytoDefense contains 3 Carotenoid Complex capsules, 2 Flavonoid Complex tablets, and 1 Cruciferous Plus tablet. Carotenoids provide antioxidant protection for the lipid portion of our cells. Flavonoids provide antioxidant support for the watery portions inside and around our cells. Cruciferous Plus provides nutrients that work with hormones to promote healthy tissue growth. Mama takes 1 complete pack daily. Very, very important in protecting and even reversing cancer.

·        Enzyme Digestive Aid – Digestive enzymes are necessary for proper, complete digestion. They are particularly important for proper immune function especially when there is a compromised situation. Mama added 2 Enzyme Digestive Aid tablets to her supplements to give added protection to all internal organs involved in the digestive tract. These enzymes help protect the pancreas.

·        Other supplements Mama has taken over the years are: Eyebright, Bilberry, Turmeric, and Biotin.



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