Running for the Diamond

August 1, 2011


We spent July 2011 celebrating 50 years of marriage – our Golden Wedding Anniversary! Where did the time fly? What are the results of the past 50 years? It seems only a few years ago that we were celebrating my parents 50th Anniversary and then we turned around a couple times and celebrated their 60th. Will we be celebrating our 60th in just 10 short years? Sure planning to!
Our oldest son wrote a special song for his grandparents 50th Anniversary, “Fifty Years and Growing.” He had the privilege of singing it again for their 60th. His grandparents (my parents) left quite a legacy for their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and everyone who ever knew them. My dad died 10 years ago. There was standing room only in the small New Mexico Baptist Church plus people standing in other rooms and outside at his funeral services. They were there to pay respect to a man who was worthy of that honor. My 90 year old mother is continuing to grow her legacy. Since my dad’s death, she has continued making quilts for family members and special friends. Her goal is to not leave any scraps of fabric when she dies so we are keeping her well supplied. She is a prayer warrior beyond imagination. If you need someone to pray for you, she is the one to ask.
(hand prints of 7 grandchildren – designed by the oldest)
I guess you would say that our ‘Golden Anniversary’ puts us in and a little beyond the baby-boomer generation. That means we are definitely in ‘the Golden Years.’ There are lots of jokes indicating the ‘Golden Years’ are really not what they are cracked up to be. They are the years you plan to do all the things you have been putting off. It’s now time to finish all those unfinished projects and time to start all those projects you have dreamed about completing. The ‘Golden Years’ are when you are supposed to travel to see the world, visit all your friends and relatives, and spend more time with your kids and their families (grandchildren).  They are the years you expect to do volunteer work, participate in community organizations, and get more involved in the work of your church. The list can go on and on. These are the years when you have expected to have your finances in order so you will be able to afford to make your entire life time dreams really happen. You are supposed to have the time and money at this ‘Golden Years’ stage of life to fulfill everything. High expectations!
What are we doing with all this time and money we are supposed to have?
  • ·       We have 2 homes – one in California and one in New Mexico. Isn’t that a dream come true? In the real estate market right now, I think not.
  • ·       We get to travel a lot – between California and New Mexico which gives us the opportunity to mow weeds, clean and maintain the 2 homes.
  • ·       We are getting to work on an unfinished project – finishing a huge remodel project at our California home in a depressed real estate market where we wonder if we will live long enough to either live in it full time or sell it for enough to even get back the money we have put into it, let alone the time and energy.
  • ·       We basically get to visit churches on both ends and for the most part being involved means short spurts as we never know how long we will be there so forget about a real church home. The same goes for volunteering and being involved in community projects.
  • ·       We have time to visit family frequently. My 95 ½ year old mother-in-law lives in a nursing home so we are able to spend considerable time visiting her, recalling memories, telling her what has been going on in our world, laughing with her, and seeing that all her needs are being met properly.
  • ·       We no longer have to go to a job every day and have the freedom to live on a limited income since we now have very few investments to worry about.
Life does not always work out according to your dreams. That is when we started counting the blessings God has given us:

1.    We have God, each other, love, trust, music, and much more that just keeps growing after 50 years of marriage.

2.    We both still have our mothers to love and cherish.

3.    We have 3 children that have grown our family to a total of 13.  Each and every one of them has added such joy to our ‘Golden Years’

4.    We have our health that allows us to be active and able to work on projects that require endurance and muscles.  Yes, there are some and will be more health issues but we are still able to keep up with our kids for the most part when we have the opportunity.

5.    We still have the ability to improve our lifestyle, health, finances, etc.

6.    We appreciate each day God gives us to grow a legacy that will live on in the hearts and lives of those who live beyond our years.

Yes, these ‘Golden Years’ are all they need to be for us right now.
Tell me, what is a ‘60th Anniversary’ called? Oh, that’s right; it is the ‘Diamond Anniversary’ so we are off and running for the diamond.
Search for those diamonds.

Pat Moon


  Pat is a grandmother who started as an Independent GNLD Distributor in 1985 because of family health concerns. After experiencing positive results for several family members, she chose to share the whole food nutritional supplements and natural vitamins with other people. Her confidence in GNLD'S Whole Food Nutritional Supplements and Natural Vitamins has continued to grow because they work. Her goal is to help others have the BEST REAL HEALTH possible and slow the aging process.  The products Pat uses and features are:


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1 Carol Giambri August 2, 2011 at 8:32 am

Congratulations Pat. Wow. The best living in the best of both worlds….how awesome.  Now when you adventure to Denver area, remember me here.


2 Olga Hermans August 1, 2011 at 11:42 pm

Happy Anniversary to both of you. Look at you, stil bloggin and learning all those new techie details. Hooray for you!!


3 pat August 1, 2011 at 11:07 pm

Hi.  Happy Anniversary.  We are right behind you having celebrated our 40th last year.  similar story also.  We are in health and wellness biz because product touched my life, and then I passed on the blessing to others.  I was quoting Gal 5:22 this morning and so enjoyed seeing it at the end of the blog post.   blessings.


4 Rachelle August 1, 2011 at 10:06 pm

Congratulations! On your Golden Anniversary!  I enjoyed reading your article and getting a glimpse of your family. You have a wonderful outlook on life.


5 denny hagel August 1, 2011 at 10:00 pm

Happy Anniversary!!


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