Malnutrition and Family Dynamics   The family dynamics in caring for an elderly relative or friend can be quite intense. You have an elderly family member who is suffering from malnutrition or is not safe in their current situation. What do you do about it? Empowerment Empower yourself with nutrition knowledge and confidence; then with […]



Malnutrition is a major concern for the elderly.   Once we are born, we are all in the aging process. The 2 most critical and difficult periods of the aging process are early childhood and the elderly period. Getting your life started right as a baby and as a child affects the rest of your […]


Yes, healthy care giving for an elderly mother with dementia is a common problem as our parents are living longer.  It is an honor and a challenge to take over their care while allowing them to keep their dignity as individuals yet we must recognize when more is too much!    There is much we […]