How can you live healthy longer?  This is basically a concept of reversing the aging process even as you grow older in years.  How can we even maintain good health let alone turn it around and make it better? Yes, you can live healthy longer! A headline in the April 2011 news caught my attention: World's […]



Millions of years ago the human body stressed about one thing, staying alive. Today we  stress about everything from getting ready in the morning, to driving home at night, to making dinner and finally getting ourselves into bed on time. Stress is among the biggest enemies attacking our cells and leaving our bodies tattered until […]


Menopause with its hot flashes and weight gain can be a challenge but I made it through or at least I believe I’m through it! I should be since I’ve passed my 69th birthday.   Perhaps someone can learn from my experiences and fair even better than I did. Everyone is different and lives under […]


Belly fat, belly fat, belly fat; you see it everywhere!  What is the best way to do something about it?  Several months ago I made a promise to myself that I was going to lose some of the belly fat that had attached itself to me over the past 10 to 15 years (belly fat […]


What is Healthy About A Shape?

December 30, 2011


  What kind of shape is your health? The shape of your health determines the shape of your life.   Christmas was quiet at our house. All three of our children and their families celebrated at their respective homes. The shape of the distance between their homes and the shape of their lifestyles do not usually allow them […]