How about a weekend get away to rekindle your marriage relationship with vigor and health? That is what we did last weekend!   Going back a few years my husband came up with a great idea, “A weekend away from home at home.”   At the time he worked away from home during the week. All […]



What is Healthy About A Shape?

December 30, 2011


  What kind of shape is your health? The shape of your health determines the shape of your life.   Christmas was quiet at our house. All three of our children and their families celebrated at their respective homes. The shape of the distance between their homes and the shape of their lifestyles do not usually allow them […]


Allergies, Lactose Intolerance, Celiac Disease, and other Food Related Health Issues   Part I   Food choices can lead to serious health problems. These serious health problems often are indicators of digestive problems. It is important that your digestive tract is working properly if you expect to stay healthy or overcome most all health problems.     […]


    Health, Nutrition, Aging, and the Refining of Grains     Part II – Vitamins and Minerals are not Enough         Part I covered what has happened to our grains, our ‘Staff of Life’? The refining of grains can affect our short and long term health. Studies have proven that vitamins and minerals […]


    Health, Nutrition, Aging, and the Refining of Grains   Part I – Research Study      What has happened to grain, our ‘Staff of Life’?  The refining of grains is quite interesting and even more interesting is how it can affect our short and long term health.   When I was a child, […]


From family gatherings to celebrating birthdays, food is a common ingredient our lives revolve around. We all have a pretty good idea that good nutrition is important even for special occasions however our menus often fall short of meeting healthy standards.   That carrot cake with cream cheese frosting topped with ice cream is quite nutritious. Let’s […]


  Here is a Nutrition Tip! (click on the picture to play video) What nutrition questions do you have?  Would you like to find some answers? See you on facebook or comment in the comment section of this blog site. Take care and stay healthy!   Pat Moon     Pat is a grandmother who […]


The First Step to Nutrition – How to Look and Feel Healthier, Have More Energy, and Slow Aging   In today’s world you are bombarded with information about health.  What foods should you eat to stay healthy or regain lost health?  What foods should you not eat?  How can you have the energy to meet […]


Nutrients must work in harmony for us to have optimal health.  In the same way, musical notes need to harmonize to create beautiful music.  How does your nutrition chain of life compare to scales in music? Here is your piano lesson for the day.  Take a look at the piano keyboard.  There are black keys […]


It doesn’t matter where you live, music can be understood worldwide. It doesn’t matter where you live, it is necessary to have good nutrition in order to be healthy. The basics are important for both music and nutrition. During my years of teaching beginning piano, it was important to start from the beginning. It depended on the person’s […]