Blogging about health and nutrition had been a dream of mine for many years; I just didn’t know what to call it. I had developed a passion for sharing the things I was learning about how nutrition affects immediate and long-term health. So when I first became interested in using the internet to share these […]



  Diabetes nutrition is not all about calories. Yes, being overweight can contribute to diabetes as well as other associated diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, vision problems, joint problems, digestive issues, kidney disease, cancer, etc. In general conversations with diabetics, I have been told numerous times, “It doesn’t matter what I eat, it’s all […]


  Latest Science Can Protect Lifelong Eye Health       Science is now telling us we can do more than eat carrots and spinach or supplement with vitamin A to protect our eyes from the aging process.    Soon after I turned 40, my eyesight started to change. I had used the same prescription for […]